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The Passion Test - Your Time To Shine!

At Acorn Natural Health Centre
On Sat 15th February 2020
From 10.30am To 1.30pm

If you feel something is missing from life, and you aren't sure what... Or you're ready for a change of direction, and not sure which way to go ...
Acorn Natural Health Centre
Acorn Natural Health Centre
Market Place
DE75 7AA
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If you feel something is missing from life, and you aren't sure what... Or you're ready for a change of direction, and not sure which way to go ... Or you simply want to feel more joy and fulfilment in your every day .. Then this fun and uplifting 3 hour workshop is for you!

Spirituality, Personal Development, Positivity in Life
Acorn Natural Health Centre, Market Place, Heanor DE75 7AA
Access via steep stairs.
Please let us know in advance if any assistance is required.

Transform your life with this one simple test. "It's simple, it's easy, and it's profound" - JACK CANFIELD (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Let this fun and enlightening workshop uplift your life to the next level!

What is it that will take you there? What is that missing piece?

  • Inspiration & Energy
  • More Joy & Fulfilment
  • A True Sense of Direction
  • Absolute Clarity
  • A sense of purpose

This workshop will show you how to connect with your TOP 5 PASSIONS and show you how your passions are the keys to your DESTINY.

When Jack Canfield took the Passion Test, it revealed to him an area of life that he really, really wanted to expand on ... that had previously been overlooked. And you'd think as a top selling author and No1 success coach, he'd have it all!

"The Universe doesn't play tricks.

It's no mistake that you love what you love. "

Janet Bray-Attwood - Founder of The Passion Test

So let me help you make 2020 your best year yet!

  • Discover your Top 5 Passions
  • How to align your life with them to experience more joy and fulfilment
  • Simple strategies to ovecome ostacles and challenges
  • The formula for creatig whatever you choose to have in your life
  • The 1 secret to guaranteeing a passionate, meaningful, prosperous life

Be your most audicious, authentic self and thrive.

All worksheets provided for your use.

Come along and hear my story too .. why I travelled across the North Atlantic Ocean to Chicago to be able to learn and share this amazing tool.

Tickets are £35 and available in advance  - don't miss the brilliant opportunity!
Click here to reserve your seat


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